We provide early-stage seed funding for start-ups and assist entrepreneurs determined to build companies with lasting significance. At the seed stage, we look for crazy ideas that may have a significant chance of working. We need good teams and not necessarily complete teams or even complete plans, but the key risks identified in the entrepreneur’s approach along with the economic and market benefits, if it is successful. We love working together to turn something good into something great. We help businesses protect against the worst that can happen and in planning for assets as well as liabilities. When good isn’t good enough, we helps businesses think outside the box and change the rules of the game.

Where we invest?

Currently investing in the following domains: 

  • Cloud kitchens
  • Digital marketing companies
  • Health tech & wellness companies
  • Recreational & adventure travel companies
  • Real estate development (agri land banking)





Our investments

As an investment vertical, We have acquired significant land assets in Maharashtra and premium mountain facing properties in Uttarakhand. The company is in the process of creating a land bank of several hundred acres across India and is working in collaboration with real estate companies for developing and marketing land plots to HNI’s who desire possessing a second holiday home at the foothills of the Himalayas or owning a mango farm in Maharashtra.

Eligibility criteria for investment

Tathastu Wealth Creators provides seed funding to startups wanting to upscale business operations. With our P&L management and marketing expertise; we can support in making your business grow exponentially. TWC has access to private venture capital from family offices based in the Gulf and the Australian continent. Specifically looking to invest in disruptive preferably tech-enabled business models that currently yield or have the potential to yield an ROI (profit after tax) of minimum 15% and can demonstrate an invincible B2B or B2C competitive value proposition. The promoter’s seasoned domain expertise and a projected revenue pipeline for at least one financial year are critical eligibility criterion. TWC also invests in real estate projects and is creating India’s largest agricultural land bank.